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Getting to Know Dr. Hamid

You don't want to put your dental health in the hands of just anyone. You want someone who is kind, compassionate, and has the skills needed to help you achieve a beautiful smile in a safe and effective manner.

Dr. Hamid has worked for years with kids, teens, and adults. He takes into consideration your wants as well as your needs.

Why You Can Entrust Your Smile to Dr. Hamid

Dr. Hamid is one of the top orthodontists in Carson and the surrounding areas. He's worked hard to earn that reputation, one that he holds with his patients, neighbors, and referring dentists.

His commitment to providing exceptional orthodontic care started before Dr. Hamid opened his practice. When it was time to decide which University and dental school to attend, he was only going to be satisfied with the very best.

He graduated and received his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the prestigious University of California School of Dentistry. During his time there, he went to Columbia and volunteered his time on a dental humanitarian trip where he provided free treatment to local impoverished communities. From there, he expanded his skillset with specialized training in orthodontics from the Harvard School of Dental Medicine.

To keep his licensure as a California dentist, Dr. Hamid must invest his time, energy, and money into continuing education. The same applies to his dental team.

The education he receives ensures that he stays up to date on the latest tools, products, and techniques in orthodontia. Dr. Hamid can shorten the treatment time for some patients by implementing the latest technology. Certain products make a patient's time in braces more comfortable and convenient.

Everything that Dr. Hamid does is for the benefit of his patients. That is why he's become highly regarded in the dental community and a beloved orthodontist to many of his patients.

Dr Hamid's Specialities
Dr Hamid's Educational Background

What Sets Dr. Hamid and Orthodontics of Carson Apart

Dr. Hamid and his team want to make the orthodontic experience as easy, convenient, and comfortable as possible for you.

When you become a patient of Orthodontics of Carson, you'll have access to:

We Can't Wait to Give You a Beautiful Smile

So many people hide their smiles. They're unhappy with their crooked teeth or overcrowding. Once they've had orthodontic treatment from Dr. Hamid, though, they're ready to show off their beautiful teeth.

Dr. Hamid's greatest joy comes when he sees the smile on his patients' faces once their treatment is complete. He and his team view it as a privilege to serve their community, to experience that joy, and provide high-quality orthodontic care in Carson.


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